With peripheral neuropathy, there is not a medical solution for a cure with inherited impaired function and nerve damage through inborn or a genetic mutation to the genetic code. Therapies can help with the identified 100 classifications of peripheral neuropathy. The nerve that is affected conveys the amount of systemic and decreased function a patient will display. Motor, autonomic, or sensory nerve damage carries different types of characteristics and the severity of symptoms experienced by the patient.

Educating oneself and applying the knowledge by adopting a healthier lifestyle and limiting toxin exposure can ward off symptoms that can rapidly accelerate. Maintaining a healthy weight accompanied by focused exercises to strengthen the core body and increase circulation, as well as having a physician monitor your physical progress can help peripheral neuropathy symptoms plateau. Alcohol should be avoided.

With peripheral neuropathy, therapy can help with the emotional and physical effects and help deter the chronic neuropathies that can rapidly increase with time. Studies have shown that they may be periods that symptoms subside, and suffering may be relieved for a short time, but then may be followed by a relapse with stressors to the body. These periods may be months, or over years and unfortunately peripheral neuropathy does not go away so maintenance to avoid rapid acceleration is the only hope for chronic neuropathies. The will worsen over time, but studies show them rarely having fatalities associated with them. Peripheral neuropathy can be a referred pain from another, underlying disorder.

Neuropathic pain studies are being conducted nationwide to help understand the both genetic factors associated with hereditary neuropathies, as well as the biological predisposition of peripheral neuropathy such as with diabetes and the role of the immune system. Studies are investigating the pathway of the pain signal in relation to the brain and hoping to channel responses to nerve impulses and the displaying symptoms.

If the peripheral neuropathy is the side-effect of a pathological cause, such as an associated illness, there could be elimination of pain. There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy damage, but peripheral nerves have displayed regenerative power and if the nerve hasn’t been killed, new damage can be avoided so it may not get worse, per say. Symptoms can be controlled by focused therapies, so maintaining the best lifestyle for this to happen naturally is key to lessening peripheral neuropathy pain and symptoms.