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    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Causes, Treatment & Therapies

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Causes, Treatment & Therapies

A Fact Sheet- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
The Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an unceasing pain condition that often affects one of the limbs (that can be arms, legs, hands, or feet), generally after an injury or trauma to that particular limb. Complex regional pain syndrome is believed to be caused due to damage, or malfunctioning of the peripheral and central nervous systems. The central nervous system encompasses the brain and spinal cord; whereas the peripheral nervous system includes the nerve signaling from the brain and the spinal cord to the other parts of the body. The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is exemplified by prolonged or a chronic pain and mild or dramatic changes in the color of the skin, temperature or even swelling in the affecting area.

There are the two similar forms of the Complex regional pain syndrome, generally called CRPS- I and CRPS-II, having similar symptoms and treatments. The CRPS-II was previously called causalgia; it is also the term which is used for patients with corroborated nerve injuries. People without the confirmation of the nerve injury are classified under the category of CRPS-I, to validate and investigate the two different forms of the Complex regional pain syndrome.
The symptom of the complex regional pain syndrome differs in sternness and duration. According to the studies of the occurrence and prevalence of the disorder, it is observed that in most cases the symptoms are mild and individual recovers gradually over a period of time. In some cases, the individuals may not be able to recover and may undergo a long-term disability.
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Doctors are not sure […]

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What is The Calmare Pain Therapy treatment?

Chronic pain is at an epidemic level in the United States. Many types of chronic pain are very difficult to diagnosis and treat, as it can be a genetic code mutation (hereditary), the result of another underlying cause, or progressive or chronic Peripheral Neuropathy. A new neurotheraphy has been helping Peripheral Neuropathy sufferers across the globe alleviate advanced cases of pain by a non-invasive FDA cleared electrostimulation therapy: The Calmare Pain Therapy treatment.
Who is the best candidate for The Calmare Pain Therapy treatment?
The Calmare Pain Therapy treatment is for patients with peripheral neuropathy who have stopped, or have not responded to traditional medical treatments. Medications and prescribed therapies can only mask the pain so long with progressive peripheral neuropathies. The cause of the pain is not addressed and as medicinal tolerance builds, or the pain worsens, alternative treatment must be sought. Cancer pain can be resistant to morphine and high-intensity chronic pain can be very agonizing and The Calmare device uses a biophysical over biochemical approach by the uses of surface electrodes that transmit a “no-pain” signal that overrides the actual pain signal sent through the body to the brain.

The Calmare Pain Therapy treatment strategy for peripheral neuropathy is an approach using neuromodulative electrical stimulus to “scramble” the pain information to the brain, resulting in a reduction of intensity in the signal and the body’s perception of its pain. Within 2 weeks an average of 76% of peripheral neuropathy patients in a recent Italian study showed a clear reduction of chronic pain in patients with, and without, cancer. This is quite a breakthrough for people living with daily, chronic pain and its treatment. Cutaneous electrostimulation by the Calmare Pain Therapy approach was successful in […]

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