What Is Calmare Therapy OR Scrambler Therapy?

What Is Calmare Therapy? - Chronic Pain Management

Calmare therapy focuses directly on chronic pain management and is centered on providing a technologic solution to long-lasting biological ailments. This non-invasive therapy solution provides long-term effects for those suffering from chronic, drug-resistant pain without the negative side effects of many invasive solutions. It is a highly effective option for many patients suffering with pain; such as cases that may have CIPN, fibromyalgia, sciatica, phantom limb syndrome, and referred or localized pain after failed spinal surgeries.

calmare Pain Relief Therapy & Rsd Treatment

Calmare therapy is quickly becoming the ideal treatment for RDS/CRPS as it is a non-invasive practice that has no negative long-term effects, and does not pose the risk of narcotic addiction that is associated with other invasive surgeries. Often the other options on the market only serve to mask the pain itself via medication, while not being to address the problematic source of the pain itself. Calmare therapy is perfect for these patients, as it completely replaces the pain signal being sent to the brain on a neurological level. This interruption of the pain signal renders the patient pain-free without having to undergo risky, complicated surgeries or take further medication.

does not pose the risk of narcotic addiction

no negative long-term effects

Provided you are an eligible candidate, the average treatment takes no more than an hour of your time and will have an immediate impact upon how the body processes the pain signals of your body. The therapy functions on the biophysical level of the body as opposed to the biochemical. Therapy consists of centering disposable surface electrodes on the skin in the areas of pain. These send out an electrical message through the same neurological pathway as the pain receptors of that area, but send what is called a “no-pain signal” to the mind. This signal replaces the body’s own, and tells the brain simply there is no pain in the area.


While this sounds too simple to be effective, it is as the most base level the exact method of treatment. And it works astonishingly well. The perception of pain is immediately removed, causing relief almost instantly. The patient is also able, typically, to live through long periods of time pain-free in-between sessions, depending on the prime cause and the severity of pain being treated.

Calmare therapy uses science to attack the underlying cause of pain and directly enforce the brain to stop feeling it. It is a perfectly safe, non-invasive option for those with chronic pain and offers no negative long-term effects or risk of becoming medically dependent on pain relievers with concerning side-effects. It is the most recommended non-invasive option available for chronic pain sufferers, and if you think this therapy is right for you our clinic will be happy to assess your eligibility.

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